cjng cartel killings

More than 60 were targeted, including a biotech consulting company, a bakery and hillside vacation cabins. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, Further details Roberto Alderete revealed about CJNG remain hidden in sealed documents. He reached 'kingpin' status by selling Mexican cartel-supplied drugs. Histestimony helped convict a trafficker connected to CJNG in 2014. During his three months in jail, he got sober. Ciro Macias Martinez led a double life, working as a horse groomer by day and overseeing the flow of $30 million worth of drugs into Kentuckyby night before being imprisoned in 2018 for meth trafficking and money laundering, federal records show. "And it is a football (soccer) player of a narco.". After agents toppled the drug ring, the cartel turned on the gang. All rights reserved. By the time of the hearing, the veteran was 560 days sober. "That said, shootouts and attacks on authorities have happened in cities like Guadalajara in the middle of the day with no regard to innocent civilians' lives.". In mid-October, 13 Mexican police officers were killed in an ambush in El Mencho's home state of Michoacn in western Mexico. When authorities arrested him, they found twoassault rifles, one inscribed with "Menchito" little Mencho and anotherengraved with"CJNG 02 JR.". It is a tactic later mimicked by the likes of ISIS, a digital bid to intimidate and inflict anxiety on enemy factions and send a warning to government law enforcement who dare to meddle in their monetary schemes. Police arrested Farfan in October 2018 as he and Montes drove toward California on Highway 99 near Roseburg, nearly three hours south of Portland, while towing a car. Uncensored versions of the videos can be seen below. Parra Pedroza and Pineda Sanchez received 13 and 15 years, respectively, in prison after both pleaded guilty to money laundering. The couple's daughter, age 11, also was home. With a fast-swelling arsenal of advanced weapons from stolen cars converted into armored vehicles to drones and high-powered machine guns it's a force to be reckoned. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. Closethe air vents. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. He remained in prison until his deportation in 2015, court records show. They stormed a hideout west of Guadalajara, but the cartel leader climbed into a vehicle and was rushed to safety. Three of them are bare-chested. For an overview of the Pjaros Sierra versus Crtel Jalisco Nueva Generacin (CJNG) conflict, please see this previous Borderland Beat story. March 30, 2022 MEXICO Grisly videos have emerged showing CJNG cartel members beheading rival narcos working under commands from La Vaca. "It was almost unbelievable, the things we were hearing, theamountof drugs," said Benjamin Taylor, who oversees investigations for Homeland Security in Gulfport, Mississippi. He can be contacted atbdarby@breitbart.com. He knew he faced deportation back within reach of the cartels. It is a forsaken endeavor to deter CJNG hitmen from infiltrating their neighborhoods. Alarmed by CJNG's surging violence in Mexico andcontinued expansion across this country, U.S. officials have pushed back. The upstart CJNG has killed judges, congressman, police and civilians. Armas used the couple's home as a drug stash house, paying them with enough meth for their daily fix. The investigation documented CJNG operations in at least 35 states and Puerto Rico, a sticky web that has snared struggling business owners, thousands of drug users and Mexican immigrants terrified to challenge cartel orders. All the CJNG nutthuggers here's your bad ass cartel terrorizing 10 year kids with dynamite. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. 2023www.courier-journal.com. "They send their businessmen out into the U.S. to look for areas of opportunity." Most people don't associate drug trafficking with the scenic tourist destinations along the Oregon coast, but Mexican cartels seek less scrutiny there. He never mentioned suppliers in Mexico linked to a cartel, or what he called the Mexican mafia. According to the military, the vehicles were used by the CDG (Gulf Cartel) to transport drugs and hitmen. Other bosses used threats of violence in the U.S., despite El Mencho's warnings against it. Evan Ellis, a research professor of Latin American studies at the U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute, underscored that as the criminal environment has become more fragmented with many groups and affiliated gangs, the amount of killing and its unpredictability has become more generalized. Reporter Beth Warren: bwarren@courier-journal.com; 502-582-7164; Twitter @BethWarrenCJ. According to Mexico News Daily, more than 500 people in communities around the municipalities of Aguililla and Buenavista have deserted their homes and fled in fear for their lives as the fighting soars. After his escape, the U.S. took its manhunt public. The cartel's expansion into smaller, unexpected communities began to mushroom about five years ago as U.S. intelligence analysts tracked its movements far beyond border towns and major hubs. But he ended up working for his Uncle Victor. Known as CJNG, the cartel is a global powerhouse, detected on every continent except Antarctica. CJNGs rapid rise heralds the latest chapter in a generations-old drug war in which Mexican cartels are battling to supply Americans insatiable demand for narcotics. Known as "El Mencho," he's remained in hiding for years and is on the DEA's Most Wanted list. "Police and civilians are dying, and the CJNG and continues unfettered, flooding the U.S. with methamphetamine and other drugs," Tabor added. "Anyone who does the same will suffer. In the past, student filmmakers have been kidnapped and tortured to death, journalists frequently killed before they can even begin to probe a likely CJNG crime, dozens of lawmakers and judges have been butchered and death threats have haunted scores of Mexican officials. While some moves targeted the cartels finances, others were more personal. Viral videos captured the gruesome execution on social media. Sheriff's investigators say a Paducah, Kentucky, business owner who fell behind on a drug debt was warned last year by the cartel: "If we dont get our money, were gonna kill you and your family.. "I know Im not that person," he said, refusing to elaborate. Using others to deposit drug profitsin cartel-controlled bankaccounts. Think of this violence extending into every facet of their global operations. "Theyre killing the next generation, and one of them was my son," Brenda Cooley said. It also identified at least two dozen "cells," which the DEA defines as places where cartel members set up shop to do business and live in the communities. Explore the investigation wall showing the connections of El Mencho and CJNG cartel. ", Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox. Farfan refused to talk to agents or prosecutors. For example, a Lexington waitress seekingcash to pay fordental assistant courses ended up making bank deposits that she didnt know were for CJNG, according to court transcripts. But when the days chores were done, Maciasdidn'tsocializewith others over drinks or dinner. He had to pay $50,000. A young woman en route to selling street food was also fatally struck by a stray bullet through a car window. A judge sentenced Roberto to three years in custody in January 2021. Rapid gunfire could be heard in videos that appeared to have been recorded at the scene of the mass murder. I don't want to put my wife, my family in danger.'". LOG IN TO WATCH THIS VIDEO. or redistributed. Ciro Macias Martinez was praised by his supervisor and fellow farmhands alike for his punctuality, work ethicand soothing manner with horses at the breeding and training farm in the heart of Kentucky. Last year, a judge sentenced Eduardo to 30 months behind bars, followed by five years supervised release. 2020 has been an especially savage year in the border city of Tijuana,racking upalmost 2,000 murders almost on par with 2019 and once again earning the label of having the highest murder rate per capita of any city in Mexico. I am a family man. The billion-dollar criminal organization has a large and disciplined army, control of extensive drug routes throughout the U.S., sophisticated money-laundering techniques and an elaborate digital terror campaign, federal drug agents say. Make no mistake, Taylor said. Even after El Mencho's girlfriend went to prison, the cartel quickly returned to the Gulf Coast with more loads of drugs. He co-founded Breitbart Texas Cartel Chronicles project with Ildefonso Ortiz and senior Breitbart management. His boss, Eddie Kane, Calumet's general manager, declined repeated requests for comment. Investigators uncovered three main pieces of the puzzle that revealed a snapshot of how this drug ring thrived. John Walker in uniform (left), and Walker in his undercover look (right). //

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